Byron Bay is located on the far north coast of New South Wales, about 200km from Brisbane. Cape Byron is Australia’s most eastern point and enjoys a sub-tropical climate, with average temperatures of 28ºC in summer and 20ºC in winter.


Watermark is located on spectacular Watego’s Beach, in the beautiful Cape Byron Headland Nature Reserve and in the shadow of the famous lighthouse, which has been illuminating the Cape since 1901.


Against the spectacular backdrop of Byron Bay’s hinterland, and surrounded by lush forest, the wide, flat sands of Wategos lead almost directly to the front door of your suite. The beach is considered to be among the most beautiful in the world and is often home to pods of dolphins and migrating humpback whales. Wategos is north-facing and the sheltered beach is popular with Malibu board riders with its northerly swells.


Daily flights from Sydney and Brisbane arrive at nearby Ballina and transfers are readily available straight to your door.

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29 Marine Parade
Wategos Beach
Byron Bay 2481
NSW Australia


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